testosterone suspension

Potential interactions . Compounds which inhibit the cytochrome  on in vitro studies following materials can be considered as potential metabolism inhibitors: bromocriptine, cortisone, dapsone, ergotamine, gestodene, lidocaine, mefenitoin, miconazole, midazolam, nilvadipine, poretidron, quinidine tamoxifen, (triacetyl) oleandomycin and verapamil. substances that induce cytochrome . Carbamazepine, metamizole and isoniazid induce cytochrome P-450 A3. Inhibition tacrolimus metabolism mediated by the cytochrome , other substances. Since tacrolimus can affect the metabolism of steroidal contraceptives, special attention should be given to the decision on measures to protect against pregnancy. In an alkaline environment, tacrolimus is not stable. Joint application reconstituted concentrate should be avoided for the infusion otestosterone suspension with other drugs, which significantly basified solution (e.g., acyclovir and ganciclovir).


special instructions

Effects on driving ability and work with the mechanisms of
Tacrolimus may cause visual and neurological disturbances. Patients who have developed such violations should not drive a car or operate machinery. This effect may be enhanced when taken with alcohol PROGRAFA®.
During the initial period after the transplantation is necessary to carry out routine monitoring of the following parameters: blood pressure, ECG, neurological and ophthalmic status, levels of fasting blood glucose, electrolytes (particularly potassium), liver function and kidney parameters of clinical blood analysis parameters coagulation and determination of proteins in blood plasma.
As with other immunosuppressive drugs, due to the potential risk of developing malignant changes in the skin, should be limited to sunlight and UV radiation, protecting the skin clothing and using creams high protection factor.
If accidentally introduced into the artery or perivascular diluted testosterone suspensionconcentrate for infusion of 5 mg / ml may cause irritation in the area of administration.
, concentrate for solution for infusion of 5 mg / ml, contains polyoxyethylated hydrogenated castor oil which, as noted, cause anaphylactic reactions. The risk of anaphylaxis can be reduced by introducing  reconstituted concentrate for infusion of 5 mg / ml at a low speed or after entering an antihistamine. Capsule 0.5 mg / capsule  kapsupy 5 mg Tacrolimus incompatible a polyvinyl chloride If the contents of the capsules must be administered through a nasogastric tube, the latter must not contain PVC. Concentrate for solution for infusion containing 5 mg / mL of tacrolimus is absorbed by polyvinyl chloride plastic. Tubes, syringes, and any other equipment that is used for cooking and PROGRAFA® injection, infusion concentrate containing 5 mg / ml, should not contain polyvinyl chloride.

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Concentrate testosterone suspension for solution for intravenous administration of 5 mg / ml.
Capsules .5 mg, 1 mg, 5 mg. Standard packaging: Concentrate: 1 ml ampoules nominal capacity of 2 ml colorless transparent glass (USP Type I) and the ring point. 10 ampoules Valium placed in a plastic bag. In a single package along with instructions for use in a carton box. Capsules 0.5 mg. 1 mg, 5 mg: 10 capsules in blister PVC / aluminum foil blister packs at 5 in a sealed aluminum bag together with a sachet containing 1 g of silica gel. At 1 sealed aluminum pouch with instructions for use in a carton box.